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11 octobre 2007

Last night ...

My old IBM Aptiva (P I 233 MMX | 196 Mo SDRAM | 2 Gb HD 5200 t/s) is back to life running xubuntu 7.04, codename Feisty Fawn
I'm using it as a home web server / reverse proxy (my end of studies project) and I'm planning to bring it online, so that I can access my files on my home network from Internet.

Next steps are :

  • Fix some security issues
  • Buy/Make a new cooling system(Liquid ?!) for both machines because the standard fans I use now are too loud and not that efficient
  • Install some web based apps to easily access my files, to stream media ( I'm already thinking about broadcasting my web cam live on my blog :D ) ...
  • Configure my rooter and a dyndns like service to make all this available from internet

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